Take a walking tour of Charleston homes.Long-time owners of Charleston homes, as well as newcomers and visitors, will learn a lot about the city on one of the tours offered by Lowcountry Walking Tours. Bill Stanton is the owner and operator of the company. He leads tours personally and insures that each participant gets plenty of time to explore and ask questions. He’s also a font of information, and guests can expect to come away from a tour with a newfound appreciation for the beauty and history of Charleston real estate.

Get an Up Close View of Hidden Charleston Real Estate

There are three tours to choose from. The Historic Downtown tour lasts about two hours and goes through the French Quarter. See historic homes and churches and gain an appreciation of the architecture of the city’s oldest buildings. Take Charleston’s Most Beautiful Walk for a two-hour stroll through some of the loveliest Charleston homes and neighborhoods. Charleston is a city full of secrets and unexpected nooks and crannies. See some of the most interesting on the Charleston’s Alleys and Hidden Passages tour. Private tours can also be arranged for groups of up to 20 people.

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